'Yogas citta vritti nirodhah.'

'Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuating patterns of the mind.'

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Portion 1, sutra 2


February - March 2018:

The Pancha Vayus

For 5 weeks we we worked with the Pancha Vayus, the five winds. These are subtle and dedicated practice is needed to tune into their functioning within the body and the mind.

The yogis in ancient India thought that the great life-force, Maha Prana, changed is enters the body and moves in different ways. The idea is that each bodily process is associated with a specific movement - a specific breath, or wind. The disruption of proper functioning of any of these winds was assumed to be the cause of ill health. There are a total of five (pancha) of these winds (vayu). The pancha vayus are responsible for the intake and circulation of vital nutrients within the body and for expunging waste from the body.

For the peak flow from the first week see the video below

March - May 2018:

The Sacred Feminine

We're currently exploring different aspects of the sacred feminine in the classes - these range from the sterotypically containing, floral, nice aspects to dark, devouring, unforgiving Warrior Goddesses. The Goddesses are personifications of different aspects of the human mind and we use these aspects as we devote time and space to self-enquiry and development.

We use this tools to enhance the asana practice learning about specific anatomical actions and groups of poses each week. We begin at the root of the body and work our way all the way to the crown of the head.